#FreeAzyz – Photos credits: myself under CC licence

Azyz Amamy,cyber-activism icon of all the Tunisian revolution from back to 2008 until now, someone who spend his life defending rights and freedom at very high prices, arrested and tortured back in January 2011 prior to the outburst who did over throw a reign of 23 years of dictatorship, but even-though when things look fine, we’re back in the game, human rights has been always the target of the system from Jabeur jailed for his religious beliefs, to those who were later sentenced for just being part of the December 2010 – January 2011 riots and espcially when he did start the “I did burn a police station myself” as a sign of protest against that.


Yesterday night, Azyz has been arrested and beat by the police at the la Goulette a coastal Tunis suburb, then taken to a different police station later get interrogated by the police for being suspected to have cannabis in possession, a narcotic that would cost him 1 year jail and a fine of about 1000 USD, but beyond the fact we all knew that he would be trapped earlier or later as his message became a real head ache to the government, we knew the system would never let him free or try to shut him.

Right he is still in detention, tens of activists, lawyers and friends are trying to help him and a clear vision of what really going on.

A new career, a new life

This is the first time ver that I have been ssigned to task full time since i got my first job bck in 2002, I have been asked to do stuff that have no relation what so ever with my main task IT support: install printers, prepare servers, assist users and so on.

After more than 12 years carrer as IT guy, I have been assigned strating today as comunication expert by people thatb eliaved that my skills outside work could be the key to a poetentiel success inside.

Why we should support the young leaders toward a goverment crisis resolution?


Who would trust old smacks to bring peace and prosperity to  anew born democracy freed-up by the blood and sweater of the young and only the young while theory were coldly watching things happen before coming don calming the power, took the things to a different turn, made things worst and then blame the young to be so arrogant.

After negotiations with the government to choose a new PM turned into chaos again as everybody was expecting from a retirement house committee (the average age of the negotiations table is 60) to pick up a loyal 50 young guy who is already part of the family (ministry of industry) and was already succeeding and thus would be promoted to a higher rank where the mess will be automatically recycled into a popular success despite that the opposition (the people not the parties) didn’t “let him work” (damn elves!).

I join my voice to Tarek Cheniti who did raise up the urge to give room to the young in this new era of democracy to help rebuild the country, this call has been successfully fulfilled with hundreds of young Tunisian with amazing skills and remarkable experience willing to help for not fees, just help with what they have as a fresh soul and brilliant ideas; they are doctors, finance experts, activists, etc… who prove them selves worthy and who were trusted by higher institutions such as the united nations and the European union, who are making a change wherever they roam and who for the least are honest about their ambitious process to serve the nation, so let it be.

It’s time that the young takes part of the transition, they deserve it, we need it and there is no gaps beside rusted prejudice between us and and awesome government.

When the times comes to the moment you feel depressed and unsafe

As never happened before, a terrorist attempt today to blow himself into a hotel in the touristic bay of Sousse, hopefully he was the only dust left after he puled the trigger threatening the inner peace of a new born democracy, Tunisia the country behind the Arabic spring as the western media like to call, is having though times since a while fighting shreds of terrorism falling down a tree of a extremism led by those who thinks that your morals are not quite enough for his lord.

Press, freedom and expression were hold hostages all along the last few decades of the sovereignty of Tunisia since it got its independence back in 1955 from the French colonization after hat the two regimes of both Bourguiba and especially with Ben Ali regime did oppress those who asked  for what should an illegitimate rights of a republic build upon values that never been that valuable, Ben Ali aka ZABA did all what he got in his powered to tighten freedom in all its forms at all cots including violence and brutality, there were times when people were afraid to go the mosques or talk about politics at the risk of being jailed but thanks to the youth revolution conducted in the streets and widely broadcasted through the social media all that is painful history.

Still, we didn’t learn lessons, the rights that comes at a cost includes responsibilities and risks, nothing is easy to get or to keep when you’re still a democracy newbie and that education was so deteriorated and the press so amateur that things can turn over so quickly and so easy and that you can’t blame the government because it simply doesn’t belong to the picture you are expecting from people to manage a country or even manage their own emotions of former dictatorship detainees.

There is hundreds of facts behind terrorism and thousands of people to blame, it’s time to move ahead and fix things for good or we will suffer for long, like for example the urge to contain all those extremist groups that started to work seriously to harm my country and that the government should go, yes leave with its silliness and ego make place for better people for the young for the smart for the people willing to lead and help not rule and make things worst, in times like these we should take the control back by taking the system down!

The bullet that bites the dust

Two horrifying assasinaation we’re never seen before in less than 6 months, the last murder of a political activist goes back to the French colonial era where Farhat Hachad the leader of the Tunisian general union in 1952 shot deadly while driving to work, this comes after the ministry of interior was about to reveal the identity of the assassination of Chokri Belaid.

The Tunisian goverment mainly managed by Ennahdha party, has failed so far every little challenge drastically ignoring its own people democratic demands and putting in jail from time to time those who rose their voices against their practices putting Tunisia away from the revolutionary demands of freedom and social progress.

Now with series of outrageous crimes against its own people even those who did vote for, a scary events treating the very being of the republic and throw away the dream and blood of 300 hundred martyr who gave their life for a better Tunisia.

It’s clear that Ghannouchi and friends should leave or they will evicted or even worst, the anger that did settle inside ever Tunisian is beyond control, they will seize the street and count down the number of cowards sneaking away and chased like dogs.

This is the end my friend…
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A minister suing a blogger? let’s all go to jail

Our dear government seems unable to communicate with his people, as demonstrated by recent events across the country, much less the media and bloggers. A minister would have dragged the blogger Olfa Riahi into court after she did releases an article with leaks about suspicious hotel invoices paid by of taxpayers’ money, the employee would have spent a fortune on the cost of a hotel (100k USD) …

In 2006, during the WSIS (World Summit on Information Society), I had the chance to meet Indonesian blogger who had such courage necessary for any blogger by attacking the Prime Minister of his relative country, the minister simply invited him for with overwhelming gratitude his sense of patriotism and explain the facts in detail and finally thank him again. All this has been taken up by blogs and media with an air of glory and joy to the two protagonists of this case. The blogger never had any problems.

Our politicians claim to be more innovative and open and alwyas bragging about breaking up with old regime’s practice. But, in fact they adopted the same dictatorial RCDist methods, and of course on top of it they did inherit their fear from bloggers. A blogsphere that they are not familiar with and that the old regime fought fervently since 2003.These methods indicate a malfunction of the state that woks on disparaging any criticism without any attempt to dialogue. Despite that attempts to establish contact with other governments have shown some effectiveness, the current governement has chosen total rupture with the public.

What the minister did is an over-reaction showing his inability to manage a diplomatic postion requiring attention and sensitive refelction. He opens a war front with the blogosphere that have survived a very harsh dictatorship. While the Minister of foreign affairs may lose a battle on his own field of “expertise” or simply his living, how could he explain himself in the next meeting with a Swedish or Belgian diplomat?Or will he simply claim himself hero among Chinese government as fervor bloggers persecutor as it should be?

Finally, I assure his excellency the minister, that apologies are welcome accompanied with is letter of resignation while he still has time to do it. And I can guaranty that he will no longer be criticized whatever at home or at any other place, hotels included.

Apocalypse day, or how diplomacies vanished when the dictaorships gone

What happened yesterday was something terrible for the two sides or more, it’s relevant how much the hate against USA was smoothly spread and turned into actions after the Arab springs wake-up and it’s no surprise how much do salafists points out USA as the enemy number one and not just because a low budget movie but as much as the politics behind all what’s happened in the middle-east especially Palestine and Iraq, in other words the cowboy is hatred since ages but those who did break into the US embassy yesterday never offered the chance to express those hidden feelings for long decades under the political turmoil and the editorship that shuts every voice even before it can utter anything that’s not allowed.

The attack on the US embassy is wrong, wrong enough to harm the Tunisian reputation, the image of Isalm worldwide and even spoil a revolution that still walking with small steps into what should be new democracy under heavy construction, 4 dead Tunisian citizen, a hundred of injuries, tens of cars smashed, but who’s responsible for all this (and probably for what’s happening)?

The clue about US diplomacy is that the shape of the Arab world has changed but not the way Americans foreign politics can handle it, in the past it was quite enough to talk in the phone with “leader” (still happening with the remaining Arab dictatorships) to calm down the game or simply resolve an international crisis but that time of easy control has gone with those leaders thrown away in an anger movement and now the voice of the people has taken the lead and is making things happen sometimes for the good sometimes for the worst, yesterday demonstration was for the worst and even one of most apocalyptic nightmares never seen.

The US diplomacy who, seems to be helping the new government to rail down the democracy path, has no other choice than to hear the people who revolutions, the same heroes that the media prized are still angry against America and it’s worst when the even did lost the left wing that has been helping for decades and switched suddenly to the right Islamic forces that were granted both the love of the people and the voters, religion was a sweet and comfortable way to many but it turns out that things will take another direction.

To conclude, the whole thing couldn’t avoided, our government was very kind with the salafists in many occasion where they were already a threat and kept them  roam free as untouchables for two main reasons: precious voters and to avoid more, and that’s how they felt free to do what they did so easily under the eyes of what should be the best police in the world, another myth fades away…

Photo credits: Jadal.tn

10 Lessons learned from my salafists friends (foes for life)

Lesson number one: You can fight salafists with art, they’ll burn down your paintings and destroy your plastics artworks and then call your moron and faggot.
Lesson number two: Salafists are not not only the guys with beard, a qamiz and some branded nike snickers they are also those who can’t afford the style and the ones who thinks that those are hipsters working for the lord.
Lesson three: Arguing with Salafists about things they were told is a waste of time you’ll end up hitting your head into the wall, they won’t listen to the reason unless you’re a leader or something.
Lesson four: Tunisian government cares more about salafists than about other citizens, the reason? they know people in Kabul :)
Lesson five: Salafisme is not a gender nor a life-style is a pulp fiction that lives everywhere in the exception of malls and night clubs.
Lesson six: Salafists live in the past and they want to dwell there for ever everything that surpasses the speed of a horse is a diabolic invention to tear down.
Lesson seven: Where ever you are, it’s a always a holy land worth protecting so step aside while they’ll clean earth from the Lucifer’s trash.
Lesson seven: technology is devilish but we use it so often to make life less devilish
Lesson nine: If you’re not part of the club you’re an enemy.
Lesson 10: Society is something they can’t imagine through walls, a tent and some goats would be futuristic like being in the year 5000.

The syndrome of the Tunisian baseball bat

It should be a year and half since the January 14 revolution cane across and changed the whole country altering a whole nation but that’s not what i’m attending to talk about, in fact one of the most deep changes of the Tunisian society is the Tunisian baseball, a term I did invent myself that doesn’t men a baseball bat rather a tool for self-defense it can be a stick a kitchen knife or even hard piece of wood all this started after the eviction of the dictator and spread out of the militia who was troubling the daily life and even worst when criminals, under the lack of police presence, started a campaign of theft and hi-jacking.

If you look inside an average Tunisian car or house you’ll certainly come across such “baseball” in the truck or behind the door, I myself keep such a thing in both my car and my house until now, it’s true that things did settle down and you can go anywhere at anytime and feel safe but the syndrome is till here it has been amplified lately with the threat of the angry salafists who may represents somehow a public danger, so keep safe and keep you baseball bat near your reach :)

Martyrs day again …

From Martyrs Day

I have spent most of my day downtown where a protest was planned in order to break the Prohibition to protest in the avenue Habib Bourguiba declared by the ministry of interior (without a voted law) and celebrate the martyrs day (April 9, 1938) when i first arrived at around 10am I found my friends gathered at cafe El Hana as previously agreed a minute later the mob stationed at Mohammed Ali square already hit the avenue from the northern side and then other crowds joined in until it became a large protest heading to the south of the street to reach the ministry of interior few minutes later a tear gas shell was fired and the police came from nowhere with sticks beating-up everybody around this I fled and hide into a building for few minutes before moving back to the open to find out that crowd spread out through the other streets as Rome, Paris and Jean-jeaures streets where a chase and chase back was happening between the police and the protesters.


The brutality of the police edged to the former regime style when everybody was beat violently, teargas was fired tens of times and the chase and rock throwing from both sides last for more than 4 hours resulting in the injury of tens of people several other were arrested some has been released, the tricky thing today was that the militia of Ennahda (Islamic party who won most of the constitution elections and the ministries by 25%) was there helping the police to track and hit the protesters.

Even-though the ministry of interior did warn about anybody trying to trespass the avenue habib Bourguiba, we were there as free citizen because there are no rules in the world that can stop a nation from using its right to protest and this is just the beginning as the rage of the police did simply charge our batteries for more and more… keep tuned and listen to my testimonial on RTCi radio.