Re: Ramadanian Bloggers meetup

The meetup will take place in Restaurant el Mida (Avenue Palestine) the next Friday October 13, you should be there no later than 18:3, once breaking the fast we will get somewhere else to get a warm drink together.
I’m looking forward to you to make this happen. In case of trouble, my Mobile phone # is 21 30 40 89.

  • http://blog.kochlef.com/ stupeur

    chbik yesser kharnen
    mo 9olna tawa njiou
    en tt cas moi j’y serais :)
    allez les autres manifestez vous

  • http://blog.infinimentvotre.net Infinity

    Net3acha fi darna ou nakhlit alikom ..
    Biwa ba3d kima 3amn

  • http://tunisiastory.blogspot.com Marwanito

    hello Karim can i cam after break

  • http://karim2k.phpmagazine.net Karim2k

    Hey out there, it would be meaningless if we don’tget thatdiner together.

  • http://3oth3outh.blogspot.com ^oth

    Pr le caf

  • http://sahhakho.blogspot.com/ houssem

    nhar essebt na9ra

  • http://caoua.blogspot.com/ selmen

    OK For Friday. I’ll be there at time “Inchallah”.

  • http://kedesbidules.canalblog.com/ bidules

    J’aurai aim

  • http://chikha.blogspot.com Gattuso

    dommage j’aurais pr