RTIC stands for Radio Tunis chaine Internationale which means in French Radio International channel a leading multilingual Tunisian governmental radio broadcasting 60% French and 40% for English, German, Italian and Spanish and it’s really popular among young people and culture scene selection, even owned and managed by the government it’s the only real alternative radio among the many local radios such as the first national radio or the private radio called Mozaique.
RTCI have a lot of quality radio shows worth making people getting radios when there was no stream, now the radio have a new dictated site but it’s really creepy, an audio flash stream tied down a single page with a horrible logo.
The wait of many listeners was quite in vain, especially that the page was optimized for nothing, not usable with many players as it’s not a standalone stream, not playable from a portable device and may disappoint many people in terms of quality, I frankly;y think that they should review that site again, because simply it’s too creepy.
Testing it yourself [RTCI stream site]